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Kids’ socks All Wool

SIZE: 30-32


All Wool are warm high socks reaching above the ankle. They have a reinforced foot area for soft footfall and a reinforced instep area against slipping. The merino wool guarantees high-quality thermal comfort while maintaining good breathability, plus it is also antibacterial.

Double thermoregulation
Strengthened sole
Reinforced instep
Merino wool
Made in the Czech Republic

Socks intended for hiking boots during long and challenging treks, on which you’ll appreciate their superb ability to thermoregulate.

43% merino, 42% acrylic, 13% polyamide, 2% elastane

Socks made from merino wool are soft and don’t itch. They feel nice on the skin.
Merino wool also has a natural ability to remain odourless for a long time. Due to the unique composition of its fibres, wool doesn’t provide suitable living conditions for bacteria and viruses, it limits their decomposition and reproduction, so socks don’t stink – even after being worn for a long time. If socks are worn for a long time, you only need to air them properly or wash them slightly in water, and you can wear them again.

Weight: 125 g (L size)


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