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Technical cookies are necessary for the website and all its functions to operate properly. They are responsible for, among other things, keeping products in the cart, displaying a list of favourite products, using filters, the purchasing process, and for saving privacy settings. We do not require your consent to the use of technical cookies on our website. For this reason, technical cookies cannot be individually deactivated or activated.

Analytical cookies enable us to measure the performance of our website and our advertising campaigns. We use them to ascertain the number and sources of visits to our website. Data obtained through these cookies are processed in aggregated form, without using any identifiers that would point to any particular users of our website. If you disable the use of analytical cookies in relation to your visit, we are unable to analyse the performance and optimise our measures.

We also use cookies and other technologies to adapt our shop to the needs and interests of our customers and bring you an extraordinary purchasing experience. Thanks to the use of personalised cookies we can avoid explaining unwanted information, such as irrelevant product recommendations or useless special offers. Moreover, the use of personalised cookies makes it possible for us to offer additional functions to you, such as recommending products relevant to your needs.

Advertising cookies enable us or our partners to display appropriate content or advertisements to you on our website and the websites of third parties. They make it possible for us to create profiles – called pseudonymised profiles – based on your interests. As a rule, such information does not allow your immediate identification because only pseudonymised data are used. If you do not grant your consent, you will not be a recipient of content and advertisements relevant to your interests.