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Family tent for 5 people Bigless 5

A spacious and comfortable tent suitable for long camps with family or friends.



The family tent Bigless 5 provides space and comfort. It’s suitable for families with children, groups of friends, or anglers, for longer stays at a campsite or in the countryside. The tent has one main entrance, a large vestibule, and a detachable bedroom inside. This double-skin freestanding tent with poles on the outside provides enough room to comfortably fit five adults.

Characteristics of the Bigless 5 tent:

  • Stability even in poor weather is guaranteed by the stable freestanding structure with reinforced Durawrap poles.
  • The structure allows the tent to be easily handled even after it has been set up.
  • The material of the outer tent and groundsheet have a polyurethane coating to prevent water penetration.
  • The outer tent, inner tent, and groundsheet are made from high-quality materials, thereby ensuring great weather resistance, breathability, and comfort.
  • A spacious vestibule with a firm groundsheet and large mica windows is great for storing all essentials.
  • In the detachable bedroom an adult can comfortably stand upright.
  • A comfortable internal space for five people and baggage.

  • 5 people 5 people
  • UV protection UV protection
  • Durawrap poles Durawrap poles
  • Taped seams Taped seams
  • ISO 811 2018 certification ISO 811 2018 certification
  • Big inner space Big inner space
  • Inner detachable bedroom Inner detachable bedroom

Family Tent | Bigless 5
Dimensions (W × L × H) 300 × 400 × 210 cm
Dimensions (packed tent) 70 × 25 cm
Weight total 11.3 kg
Design double-skin freestanding tent with poles on the outside
Outer tent water column3,000 mm H2O
Groundsheet water column5,000 mm H2O
Poles ø 11 mm reinforced Durawrap poles
Accessories set of steel pegs, repair kit

INNER TENT: Nylon 190T, mosquito net

nylon 190T

Very fine, light, and breathable synthetic fibres with sufficient strength and elasticity. That’s why they are very resistant to tearing or other mechanical damage. This material is also suitable for low temperatures because of its good thermal insulation properties.

Mosquito net

The fine, breathable, and yet durable material of which the inner mosquito net is made makes it possible for air to better circulate around the tent. This ensures great ventilation.

OUTER TENT: 185T polyester, polyurethane (coating 3,000 mm H2O)

185T Polyester

This is a very light material that’s tear-resistant. Synthetic polyester fibres improve the product’s ability to resist adverse weather, stop colours from fading, and deal with getting soaked – since they dry really fast.

Polyurethane (coating 3,000 mm H2O)

The polyurethane coating provides permanent impregnation and is applied directly onto the material in various layers. This special treatment of the material prevents water penetration. The coating parameter is given by the height of the water column (stated in mm H2O), in other words the ability of the material to withstand water pressure.

POLES: Durawrap


Improving on laminate in a variety of respects, Durawrap is made by applying a polyester film onto the core of a laminate pole. This improved material is not only more durable, but also stronger and more flexible. Another great advantage is that if a Durawrap pole breaks, the ends don’t split, i.e. they won’t form sharp points that could damage the tent.

GROUNDSHEET: Layered polyethylene

This is a very strong material used as a groundsheet especially under large tents. Groundsheets made of this material are abrasion-resistant, so they’re a very popular choice for family tents. And as you’d expect, they’re waterproof, which is absolutely essential.


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