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Ultralight tent for 2 people Sawaj Trek

An ultralight and space-saving 2-person tent suitable for backpacking, bicycle touring, and trekking.



The Sawaj Trek from the Ultralight range is the absolute lightest of our tents due to the absence of any pole. The tent pole can be fully substituted by e.g. a trekking pole, or you can use the eye-loop to hang the tent on a tree. The double-skin pole-less tent Sawaj Trek is intended for those who really want to travel light. It provides room for two adults.

Characteristics of the Sawaj Trek tent:

  • Stability of the tent is secured by the lightweight dural pegs to stake the tent out.
  • The low weight of 1.5 kg for high comfort when you’re on the move.
  • The silicon coating of the materials of the outer tent and ground sheet prevents water penetration and provides thermal insulation even at low temperatures.
  • The outer tent, inner tent, and groundsheet are made from high-quality materials, thereby ensuring great durability, breathability, and comfort.
  • Comfortable internal space for two people.


  • 2 people 2 people
  • Waterproof bag Waterproof bag
  • Taped seams Taped seams
  • Two-sided silicone coating Two-sided silicone coating
  • ISO 811 2018 certification ISO 811 2018 certification
  • Ripstop material Ripstop material
  • Ultralight tent Ultralight tent
  • UV protection UV protection

Ultralight Tent | Sawaj Trek
Dimensions (W × L × H) 230 x 230 x 135 cm
Dimensions (packed tent) 33 x 10 cm
Weight min./total 1.1/1.5 kg
Design Double-skin pole-less tent (it can be suspended, or held up by a trekking pole)
Outer tent water column 3,000 mm H2O
Groundsheet water column 10,000 mm H2O
Poles no poles
Accessories lightweight dural pegs, compression sack, repair kit

GROUNDSHEET: 70D 210T nylon, polyurethane (coating 10,000 mm H2O)

70D 210T nylon

A very light and breathable material that’s also sufficiently firm and elastic. This is what makes it so resistant to tearing and other mechanical damage. It’s also suitable for freezing conditions because it has good thermal insulation properties.

Polyurethane (coating 10,000 mm H2O)

The polyurethane coating provides permanent impregnation and is applied directly onto the material in various layers. This special treatment of the material prevents water penetration. The coating parameter is given by the height of the water column (stated in mm H2O), in other words the ability of the material to withstand water pressure.

OUTER TENT: 20D ripstop nylon, siliconizing (coating 3,000 mm H2O)

20D ripstop nylon

Very light and breathable synthetic fibres that are also sufficiently strong and elastic. That’s why they are very resistant to tearing. This material is also suitable for freezing cold conditions because it has good thermal insulation properties. In addition, the fabric is reinforced with a ripstop finish. Fabrics woven using this technology prevent mechanical damage, and if any such damage occurs, they stop it spreading further.

Siliconizing (double-side coating 5,000 mm H2O)

A silicon coating is a reliable way of protecting the material against dampness as efficiently as possible, and it does so permanently. The impregnation is second to none, it’s light and extra-strong, and applied on the outer layer of the tent. Moreover, a material with this coating has a considerably higher resistance to UV radiation, as well as good thermal insulation properties. So it can be used even at very low temperatures.

The double-side silicon coating, in combination with the nylon and ripstop finish of the material constitutes currently the most advanced and lightest combination of technologies. Due to siliconizing, nylon is protected from UV radiation and is absolutely waterproof. Furthermore, this version makes it possible to use the lowest possible material weight.


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