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Outdoor Sleeping Bag – Army -17°C



The Army 17°C with its „camouflage“ design is perfect for everyone who loves paddling, trekking or just trips to nature. It's of course made from quality materials which guarantee enough comfort and thermal insulation and make it the ideal option throughout the year. This model is equipped with many accessories such as an adjustable strap around the head and shoulders, a side zipper and a system of right and left zipper, a heat collar, small pockets for necessities or a compression bag.


For low temperatures.


Filling: 2 × 205 g/m² Hollowfibre, 4-hollow
Construction: 2-layer
Inner material: Soft Nylon
Outer material: 185T Polyester
Accessories: compression bag
Weight: 1860 g
Recommended body length: 195 cm
Proportions (packaged): 40 × 25 cm
Proportion: 85 × 220 cm



Extreme tested: -17°C

This value expresses the maximum, lower, temperature limit at which survival is guaranteed in the sleeping bag, especially at very low temperatures. This is an extreme when you have to count on a feeling of strong cold and therefore you cannot expect sufficient comfort for sleep.

Low comfort: -10°C

This value expresses the temperature limit at which sleeping in a sleeping bag ceases to be pleasant. If the temperature drops below this limit, your clothing and location should be adjusted to the ambient temperature. An experienced user can also choose a sleeping bag according to this temperature, but this should be an exceptional event, not a regular overnight stay at temperatures around Low Comfort.

High comfort: -3°C

This value expresses the ideal, comfortable, temperature limit. Think of it as essential when choosing the right sleeping bag. If from this value the temperature drops to Low comfort or extreme tested, it is necessary to count on a gradual decrease in temperature comfort in the sleeping bag. Conversely, higher temperatures can lead to sweating, and the sleeping bag should be unfastened to provide a comfortable temperature for a peaceful night's sleep.



Mummy Mummy
right/left zipper right/left zipper
certification - sleeping bags certification - sleeping bags
Dimensions 85x220 Dimensions 85x220