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Mikro Sleeping Bag – Mini 0°C



Do you often go cycling or you just like saving every gram on your trips? The Mini 0°C sleeping bag is for its low weight and volume an ideal option for you. This model is so light that you won't even notice it in your luggage. It was designed for warmer seasons in which it ensures enough thermal insulation and resistance to all inconveniences, all of it thanks to the used materials. It is of course equipped with essentials such as a system of right and left zipper and a side zipper, an adjustable strap in the hood, a heat collar, a compression bag or an outer pocket for necessities.


For mild conditions/warmer weather.


Filling: Supreme Loft
Construction: 1-layer
Inner material: Soft Nylon
Outer material: 210T Nylon RipStop
Accessories: compression bag
Weight: 800 g
Recommended body length: 185 cm
Proportions (packaged): 24 × 13 cm
Proportion: 85 × 210 cm



Extreme: 0°C

The bottom limit of the temperature rating. An extreme temperature with an extremely high risk of hypothermia (this applies to an average woman in average conditions). This temperature is dangerous and can potentially lead to death.

Limit: 8°C

The bottom limit in which the person using the sleeping bag sleeping in a curled up position will be sleeping in a full thermal balance without feeling the outside coldness (this applies to an average manin average conditions).

Comfort: 12°C

The bottom limit for comfortable sleeping. The person in the sleeping bag sleeping in a relaxed position, e.g. on back, will be sleeping in a full thermal balance without feeling the outside coldness (this applies to an average woman in average conditions).


rip stop rip stop
Ultralight sleeping bag Ultralight sleeping bag
Mummy Mummy
right/left zipper right/left zipper
Small transport Volume Small transport Volume
certification - sleeping bags certification - sleeping bags
Dimensions 85x210 Dimensions 85x210


FILLING: Supreme Loft

Supreme Loft

Supreme Loft is a modern first-class material that excels in its high-quality thermal insulation properties, excellent shape memory and really low weight. It is also suitable for allergy sufferers, does not absorb moisture and dries quickly. These synthetic, polyester, hollow tubular fibers are further coated with a layer of silicone for longer life and maximum effect, which strengthens their relative position and reduces friction.

OUTER MATERIAL: 210T Nylon Ripstop