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Men’s merino headband Merband 1

A men’s multi-purpose headband made from a warm material containing merino wool, to wear around town as well as on the slopes.



This soft and warm men’s headband is made of high quality material containing merino wool. It’s great for both sports and casual wear because it offers you perfect protection against the cold and wind

Merino is a natural material with many great properties that is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

  • It maintains the body’s temperature
  • It’s perfectly breathable
  • It superbly wicks moisture away from the skin
  • A natural antibacterial property eliminates odour

  • Výborná tepelná izolace
  • Příjemný materiál
  • Elastická

Pánská víceúčelová čelenka do města i na sjezdovku.

50% merino vlna

50% acryl/polycolon

Podšívka: 100% polypropylen

50% merino vlna

50% acryl/polycolon

Podšívka: 100% polypropylen



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  • For more information, read the article on how to wash laundry economically and ecologically.
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