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Premium Sleeping Bag – Ember -14°C



The Ember -14°C is a compact and practical sleeping bag which won't disappoint you even in extreme conditions. One of its many advantages is low weight and volume. That's why it's the perfect option for outdoor activities where you need to save every gram. The Ember -14°C is made from the best materials which ensure high comfort, resistance and thermal insulation. It is also equipped with anti-slip straps for your undisturbed sleep, heat collar, adjustable strap around the head, inner pocket for creating a pillow, thermally insulated zipper or small pockets for necessities. Suitable from spring till the end of autumn.


3-season sleeping bag for extreme weather conditions


Filling: 7-channel hollow fiber
Construction: 2-layer
Inner material: Soft Nylon
Outer material: 40D 290T RipStop Nylon
Accessories: compression bag, anti-slip straps
Weight: 1420 g
Recommended body length: 195 cm
Proportions (packaged): 38 × 22 cm
Proportion: 85 × 220 cm



Extreme: -14°C

The bottom limit of the temperature rating. An extreme temperature with an extremely high risk of hypothermia (this applies to an average woman in average conditions). This temperature is dangerous and can potentially lead to death.

Limit: -2°C

The bottom limit in which the person using the sleeping bag sleeping in a curled up position will be sleeping in a full thermal balance without feeling the outside coldness (this applies to an average manin average conditions).

Comfort: 4°C

The bottom limit for comfortable sleeping. The person in the sleeping bag sleeping in a relaxed position, e.g. on back, will be sleeping in a full thermal balance without feeling the outside coldness (this applies to an average woman in average conditions).


rip stop rip stop
Light sleeping bag Light sleeping bag
Mummy Mummy
right/left zipper right/left zipper
anti-slip straps anti-slip straps
certification - sleeping bags certification - sleeping bags
Dimensions 85x220 Dimensions 85x220


OUTER MATERIAL: 40D 290T Nylon Ripstop

FILLING: 7-channel hollow fiber

 7-channel hollow fiber

These are hollow, spirally wound, synthetic, polyester fibers with seven channels. Through flexible entanglement, careful production and proper shaping, the material achieves a perfect LOFT effect or the ability to absorb air and thus insulate. To obtain a longer service life and maximum effect, the fibers are still coated with a layer of silicone, which strengthens their mutual position and reduces mutual friction. Other benefits include that they do not absorb moisture, dry quickly, are suitable for allergy sufferers and are very easy to maintain.