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Caravan Tent – Caravan 12



Caravan 12 is the first tent of the CARAVAN line. The number 12 in its name stands for 12 square meters which this unique model offers. Thanks to its enormous proportions you can move around freely inside without bending. The spacious front porch has fully sewn in groundsheet which is connected to the outer tent and creates another usable room. The combination of durable steel poles and lighter durawrap ones makes the whole construction resilient and stable and keeps the weight reasonable. This model can be extended with an entrance shelter. Suitable for 5 persons.


Proportions: (W × L × H) 325 × 360 × 210 cm
Proportions: (packaged) 80 × 29 × 32 cm
Weight: min./total 18,9 kg

Construction: double-skin tunnel tent with outer construction
Outer tent: 185T Polyester, 3 000 mm/cm2 PU coating, taped seams
Inner tent: air-permeable Nylon 185T + mosquito net, detachable bedroom

Groundsheet: layered PE
Bearing poles: durawrap poles - ø 12,7 mm and steel poles - ø 19 mm
Accessories: set of plastic pegs, repair kit, compression bag



Vnější stan: 185T Polyester
Vnitřní stan: Nylon 185T
Podlážka: Vrstvený polyethylen
Nosné pruty: Durawrap + ocel


Large interior space Large interior space
drawrap poles drawrap poles
Taped seams Taped seams
Vnitřní, odepínací ložnice Vnitřní, odepínací ložnice
certification - tents certification - tents
uv protection uv protection
5 prs 5 prs


This tent is constructed for long-term camping with family or a group of friends.

The outer tent is made from well tested 210T Polyester with a PU coating. This quality material is durable and resistant to various weather conditions. The PU coating secures the interior from water. The bedroom is made from a combination of permeable Nylon 190T and a mosquito net. These materials are highly durable and lightweight and breathable at the same time.

All seams are taped with a waterproof tape which ensures protection from rain and extends its lifespan.

The groundsheet is made from layered polyethene. It has a solid structure thanks to which it's highly resistant. The groundsheet in the front porch is fully sewn in with the outer tent and creates one compact part and makes the tent comfortably sheltered.